Friday, July 28, 2017

Senses working overtime #118

1 Seinfeld: The Movie
Oh yeah baby!!!! I wish. It's a 'parody' (even though it's not technically a parody), a sham if you will but wouldn't it be great. It would be real and magnificent! Check out the 'trailer'.

2 Allen Ginsberg
Some 2000 plus audio cassettes have been released from his archive and are now streaming. OMG. Great piece about that and access to the list.

3 Icons for Africa
Ai curumba - check out these icons - thanks to James Whately for the link. Just what this one is...

4 Bridge of sighs

Five stunning examples of human engineering. And we can't get something going for the Manawatu Gorge!

5 Warren Ellis

I read Gun Machine this week. Wonderful piece of sustained writing with a genuinely exciting ending. Hurrah!!

Extra extra read all about it

My youngest daughter just announced her engagement. These beautiful toilet paper wedding dresses may be the go!

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