Friday, November 25, 2016

Senses working overtime #84

It's been an exhausting week of changes in many ways - which I'll explain next week. I haven't had much time to keep abreast of my various feeds and things while the hectic stuff went on so these are things that I opened a while ago and then shelved for a bit. I came back to them during the week and finally enjoyed their content around some travel and decision making conundrums. Enjoy!!

1 Jack Bauer

We are huge 24 fans in our house - loved this article about Jack and the new show - Designated Survivor!

2 Leading men
Now, time for this interesting posit - are we post 'leading men' films? Go read it, it's gooood.

3 Why did white women vote for Trump?
If, like me, you've mystified, read this article from the wonderful people at The Guardian.

4 Want a sober assessment of Trump?
Noam Chomsky is your man. He's normally a clear headed voice on this stuff. No exception here.

5 Rogue One and more
Interesting developments at Lucasfilm explained

Want to overcome paralysing fear? Okay then!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Senses working overtime #83

1 Arrival

Amy Adams in Arrival

Reading these articles about SciFi films  and the linguistics theme behind the plot has got me wanting to see this film. The trailer hooked me as well.

2 Paul is live!
This story never goes away - Paul died in 1966 and was part of a Beatle conspiracy. LOL.

3 Kindness
Great commencement address (not sure why they call them that because it's basically their 'well done - goodbye - go and fly now you've finished school' speech) by George Saunders about kindness.

4 Trump compared to Hitler?
Free speech is under attack in the home of free speech. Not sure what this Principal is thinking. I assume not much. Scary story!

5 Then and now photos

I love this kind of of photographic comparison. These are by Chris Porsz and are well worth a look. Amazing to see how people have changed (or not).

Interesting video that you should take three minutes to watch and reflect upon.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Senses working overtime #82

1 Holy homework Batman! What a week!

Perspective is required: read this!

And then check out these tweets from Scotland.

2 Bizarro world

Welcome to Bizarro World. Here's how a New Zealand paper reacted to Donald Trump's ascension:

3 WTF part 2
Here's how the world's newspapers reacted.

4 Civil disobedience anyone?

This essay by Henry David Thoreau is a very timely read!

4 This too...

The election in the US has led to an outpouring of words - some nah nah nah toldjaso; many angry; but also some considered like this piece.

5 Hollywood depressed
Carl Reiner had the best tweet!

Finally, my award for the best piece on the Trump win goes The New Yorker. Partisan and passionate. But I can't argue with them!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Senses working overtime #81

1 Oddvertising

Hey, this is what happens when the advertising gets weird! Love it!

2 Steve Jobs
Great learning here! Wise words to live by.

3 Seth Godin
Not to be outdone - wise words from Seth that I try to share with my students - it's all about the moment!

4 A Swift debut
Lovely piece revisiting Tay Tay's first album.

5 To cross street, press button
Great story about the futility of pressing buttons.

Overtime - Song of the week:
Bruce Springsteen's autobiography (a fabulous read) comes with a great CD compilation - Chapter and Verse, containing stuff by his pre E Street band groups Steel Mill and The Castiles.