Friday, October 30, 2015

Senses working overtime #28

1 James Bond

Loved this interactive map showing all the places Mr Shaken Not Stirred has visited in his movies.

2 Star Wars tractor beam a reality!

This week's Star Wars related jewel explores how the tractor beam in Episode 4 A New Hope has become a reality. Awesome!! Literally!!

3 Star Wars in China
No apologies for another Star Wars moment: check out this story and video about 500 stormtroppers lined up on the Great wall. Freaking brilliant!!

4 Refugees
This interactive map was featured on Three Things On A Thursday (by my colleague Greg Semmens). It's damn scary!!

5 Moving movie posters
This clip animates the posters to brilliant effect!

Movie Posters from whoispablo on Vimeo.

1 More Star Wars content for y'all. 
I loved this article speculating on the plot involving Luke Skywalker in the new SW movie (Episode 7).

2 These views from inside the International Space Station and outwards are stunning!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Senses working overtime #27

1 Ta Prohm
Haunting, provocative, humbling - the ruins at Ta Prohm

2 Back To The Future II
Wednesday, the 21st October 2015 - that's the date Marty and the doc end up in during BTTF 2.

Loved this article about what the film (made in 1985 remember) got right (or not) in their 30 year into the future.

3 Malcolm Gladwell book titles

I loved this one - it reimagines titles to The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

4 The death of the death of books.
Cool article reaffirming the tangible! Books (and to a lesser extent - vinyl!)

5 Star Wars
The promo is awesome, so is this article about it (what other movie has its promo dissected forensically?), so is this poster!!

Overtime 1: Just something about this story - the title - Ahmed the clockmaker and that photo, makes me giggle. The unamused weight (literally) of authority, the look on his face - poor little guy stuff. Hilarious!!!

Overtime 2: So much great Star Wars stuff out there. I am not a gamer, but if anything (anything) could sway me to the dark side it's this ad for PlayStation and Star Wars Battlefront

Friday, October 16, 2015

Senses working overtime #26

1 Containerisation
Loved this clip from the good people at Vox on the world's LARGEST boat.

2 Star Wars sand sculpture

3 James Dean

Being born in 1957 means I'm not of the generation that worshipped James Dean - that's a generation just before mine, but I do understand the desire to get closer to myth surrounding a personality (mine is John Lennon). This longish read makes a human connection to what is mythologised increasingly with age.

4 The Scottish play
All hail! This looks great!

5 Bob
Been having a Dylan-athon lately in the Purdmobile. While listening to Highway 61 Revisited I realised that every song on there is like another artists best song of their career. What a stunning achievement it is.

Overtime: Bob too
Then there's this amazing song from Blonde On Blonde. Awesome.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Senses working overtime #25

My wife and I spent some of last week in Wellington on some personal business. While there we always love spending time in Cuba Mall- not an enclosed mall à la The Dubai Mall, but à la Haight Asbury - as in a street that has interesting stores and very interesting street life. 

Here are five sights sounds etc from my visit:

1 Slow Boat Records - great to see records making such a strong comeback, great to see people in different demographics (i.e. not middle aged white males like me) combing the bins! 

2 Unity Books - I love a great bookshop and Unity Books is that. I came away with an armful recommended by the knowledgeable staff.

3 Graphic Comics - wonderful place to browse and buy your youth back. The source of my Trigan Empire find. These guys will find ANYTHING!

4 Vanishing Point Records - lovely people and a great store. Go see for yourself up the top of Cuba.

5 + overtime

The Mall itself - the sights and sounds from buskers, tai chi exponents, an outdoor barber, the water bucket sculpture, the cafes, the restaurants, the tatted up and pierced, the retro fashion stores, the record stores. Cuba mall is like no other!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Senses working overtime #24

1 Weight loss - 4 secrets to share
This is a brilliant piece of writing! The surprise quotient is set at 100%

2 Richie
Speaking of brilliant - All Black captain Richie McCaw. Watch this and do a digital fist pump with THE MAN!

3 San Andreas
This is a laughably terrible film (Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock is beyond criticism but the money was spent on great special effects and not a cast that could act or a script that had any depth whatsoever) BUT the poster for it is fantastic!!

4 The Eels
Not the rugby league team, no, the brilliant band responsible for this:

5 The Beatles
Mojo have a new Beatles cover out! Wahoo!!! To celebrate - here's a great photo!

Which reminds me...
Overtime: Ringo!
Need to get this (as soon as the dust settles on some large vinyl purchases recently): Richie's own photographs. I loved his Postcards From the Boys collection and can't wait to get my hands on this -

Okay - all for this week. Enjoy.