Friday, October 28, 2016

Senses working overtime #80

1 Less is more

Three's a crowd
Apparently, having less friends is  a good thing. A worthwhile p.o.v. if you ask me. This article looks at the correlation between Facebook use and loneliness.

2 Wild life

A great spread - the top wild life photos of 2016.

3 Mara Wilson

Who? The star of Matilda! That's who. This is about her, and it's great!

4 Jimi
In Moebius (s)trip style. Whoa!!

5 Apple

I'll need to find this book somewhere. In the meantime - this excerpt gets the apple juices flowing nicely.

Please please please...fanvid to one of my favourite Smiths' songs

Friday, October 21, 2016

Senses working overtime #79

1 In Arsene we trust

My happy place!
Great piece about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, the man.

2 Google map treks
Been exploring this during the week. Some wonderful technology, great sights and use is only limited by your imagination.

3 Burj Khalifa

While exploring the Google maps trek I came across this one on the Burj Khalifa, a.k.a. the world's tallest building. Amazing scenes!

4 Time travel photos
This is a great photo essay looking at some urban locations over time.

5 Bill
More reasons to love and appreciate Bill Murray.


So sue me, I'm a sucker for photos of old buildings.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Senses working overtime #78

1 And...ACTION!

As part of his rundown on the best action movies of every year since 1986, Tom Breihan looks at Aliens

2 The education divide
Great Guardian piece on...well - everything that is important. The move against 'experts' and the educated. Sobering! Shocking!

3 Train wrecks...
...are endlessly fascinating. I'm particularly fascinated by the self-immolation going on in the Republican Party (the GOP) in the great U.S.A.

4 Alternative universe
Great infographic maps the alt rock history universe.

5  Aleppo

Drone footage of Aleppo. The operation was a success but unfortunately the patient died.

Excellent parody of Trump/Clinton debate as they 'sing' together.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Senses working overtime #77

1 Susan Cooper... a genius. She's like a better Scott Adams without all the personal baggage. I love her and you will too when you read this!

2 SF vs LA
I'm a huge fan of SF, but one of my close friends is equally enthusiastic about LA. This article provides some back up...for LA. Doh!

3 Impromptu heroism

Cool look via some iconic movies at how to be an impromptu hero!

4 Calendar girl
Enjoyed this article about the adoption of our Gregorian calendar.

5 Distractions

Nice (long) read on why we get distracted and how to resist it.

Overtime: The Beatles!!!!
I enjoyed this article about Ed Sullivan and The Beatles and why this couldn't ever happen again - written by someone born after Lennon died!