Friday, July 20, 2018

Senses working overtime #169

1 Hmm... not-sure-about-this-one category

New season kit. Doubt I'll be buying this. We shall see. Away kit may be more aesthetically me.

2 Nu Zild leading the way with a four day week concept.
I've already had one message suggesting we do this at our school! Could it? Should it? Would it? Bring it on!

3 Poetry corner
from Quarto

I'll tell you about the mermaid
Sheds swimmable tail    Gets legs for dancing
Sings like the sea with a choked throat
Knives straight up her spine
Lancing every step
There is a price
There is a price
For every gift
And all advice

Adrienne Rich (2009)

4 When DNA tests go wrong
Interesting human interest story about when DNA tests tell you too much. A worry?

5 Tom Kirkham!!

Big plug for Tom's book - Pop Life. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. In the meantime - enjoy this interview!


Another great primer via Vox - Stradivarius violins and why they are the dogs...erm, why they are great and pricey!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Senses working overtime #168

1 Perceptive essay on Star Wars anyone?

This one is worth reading (thanks James for the heads up)

2 Romelu Lukaku

Excellent autobiographical piece by the Belgium striker.

3 Goodbye CDs and downloads, welcome back - vinyl!

I have a lot of CDs, but I have even more records! I'm not sad about the prospect of buying less CDs and more vinyl!

4 Open offices? Hmmmm...

Interesting article.

5 Margalit Fox
Terrific piece on her retirement as an obit. writer.

Overtime - Candelas (thanks to Eleri)

Friday, July 6, 2018

Senses working overtime #167

1 Be still my beating heart! Is this the best FIFA World Cup ever?

Answer: maybe it is - plenty of thrills and spills and against all odds VAR is actually working in a seamless way; plus - mos def if England win the whole thing for a second time!

2 Trajan and movie posters

3 Poetry corner

Short Talk on Major and Minor

Major things are wind, evil, a good fighting horse,
prepositions, inexhaustible love, the way people
choose their king. Minor things include dirt,
the names of schools of philosophy, mood and
not having a mood, the correct time. There
are more major things than minor things
overall, yet there are more minor things
than I have written here, but it is
disheartening to list them. When I
think of you reading this I do not
want you to be taken captive,
separated by a wire mesh lined with glass
from your life itself, like some Elektra.

Anne Carson (1992)

4 More great shots from Russia (with love)

5 And this one is sublime!

Overtime: Football can be played anywhere!

Check out more of these wonderful photos of the world's most popular game.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Senses working overtime #166

1 The Black Monday Murders

As featured on Warren Ellis' newsletter. This is a page from The Black Monday Murders comic by Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker and Michael Garland. 

Extraordinary image - the light giving the finger must have been deliberate, the table that looks like a sinister beetle is very cool and the figures presented at the desk and doorway are intriguing.

2 Mexico!!

Great feel good story - how the Mexicans are thanking South Korea for their World Cup miracle against the world champions!

3 Big Big Train
Brand new from the wonderful Big Big Train:

4 Poetry Corner

In Time

The night the world was going to end
when we heard those explosions not far away
and the loudspeakers telling us
about the vast fires on the backwater
consuming undisclosed remnants
and warning us over and over
to stay indoors and make no signals
you stood at the open window
the light of one candle back in the room
we put on high boots to be ready
for wherever we might have to go
and we got out the oysters and sat
at the small table feeding them
to each other first with the fork
then from our mouths to each other
until there were none and we stood up
and started to dance without music
slowly we danced around and around
in circles and after a while we hummed
when the world was about to end
all those years all those nights ago

W.S. Merwin (2001) 

5 The Moon
I find the moon endlessly fascinating. 1969 left a deep impression on me. 

Feast yer eyes on these newly released high resolution images:

Overtime: Hi-Revving Tongues
I 've just bought a new compilation of New Zealand's Hi-Revving Tongues. Now billed as Nu Zild's first psychedelic band from the late sixties.

They had a big hit, also in '69, with a cover of Rain and Tears but I prefer this guitar and organ fueled masterpiece from two years earlier.

Oh, okay then. Here's their cool cover hit as well...

Friday, June 22, 2018

Senses working overtime #165

1 Poetry leads off SWO  #165, shock, horror!

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash


The water is one thing, and one thing for miles.
The water is one thing, making this bridge
Built over the water another. Walk it
Early, walk it back when the day goes dim, everyone
Rising just to find a way toward rest again.
We work, start on one side of the day
Like a planet’s only sun, our eyes straight
Until the flame sinks. The flame sinks. Thank God
I’m different. I’ve figured and counted. I’m not crossing
To cross back. I’m set
On something vast. It reaches
Long as the sea. I’m more than a conqueror, bigger
Than bravery. I don’t march. I’m the one who leaps.

Jericho Brown (2018)

2 Shetland

Jacky and I have been getting more and more absorbed in this show. After the mesmerising Scottish accents and the slowish pace have been assimilated, it's an ever growing joy with great characters and storylines! 

Warmly recommended!!

3 Magic 
My ipod is getting a break from booming out Radio Wozza so I've momentarily returned to the radio. Given we're in a mountainous area the signals of all but one radio station waft and wane. Never fear - Magic comes in loud and clear via Rodney (a district dahn sarf a bit). Its playlist is drawn from the 50's, the 60's, and the 70's.

Sadly the adverts are mostly aimed at an older demographic, but the sounds are grrrrreat!

Here's one I heard this morning that instantly brought a smile to my face...

4 FIFA World Cup 2018 (part 1)
Hey, I held off until number 4! C'mon!!

Here's your complete guide to all 736 players who started the World Cup (you'll need to minus one Croatian who's been sent home). 

Check out Messi's rating - sure to take a tumble as I write!

5 FIFA World Cup 2018 (part 2)

The good and the bad summarised from week 1. Bring on week 2!

Overtime - Worry? What me?

This article with its seven mindfulness tips will come in handy as I run through my prep for flying in August to the UK.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Senses working overtime #164

1 Burning down the house

Alex Prager's hyper-real photography is startling! More here and also some Tish Murtha photos as part of a Guardian arts review.

2 It's only every four years Jacky!

This is what my wife hears every four years when I disconnect from life to luxuriate in 64 games of FIFA World Cup action.

There are many pundits out there predicting all sorts of outcomes (Germany, Spain, Brazil are usually involved), but I loved this primer from the BBC.

3 RIP Danny Kirwan

Unsung hero of Fleetwood Mac (version 2.0).
'He subsequently drifted away from music altogether, spending 10 years living rough and in a basement flat in Brixton, surviving on social security and royalty payments from his Fleetwood Mac work.'

But boy, could he play guitar!

4 Don't tell Dad

This week, I've been enjoying Peter Fonda's autobiography - Don't Tell Dad. It's pretty straight forward in a linear way but it's quite absorbing!

5 Blackberry Smoke
Loving this song! Righteous anger!! Love it!

Overtime: Hahei Beach, Coromandel, NZ

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Friday, June 8, 2018

Senses working overtime #163

1 Project Omaha

Warren Ellis teased with this image - won't tell us anything about it (what's happening? Where is it?) and I don't care - I just love the mystery attached to this great image.

2 Poetry corner

3 King James

I'm a Golden State Warriors fan but, sorry, how can anyone not admire LeBron James? Great story!

4 King Thom

I've mentioned it before but The Immortal Jukebox blog by Thom Hickey is a real winner! Here he is on Sandman!

5 The Truman Show re-examined

Nice piece about life and that movie and what it may mean for us in 2018.

Overtime: Sit com lighting