Friday, April 13, 2018

Senses working overtime #155

1 Happy birthday Jacky!

Here's to you kid - it's my best girl's birthday today!

2 Yosemite Sam

Reading this makes me want to visit Yosemite National Park and follow Ranger John's advice and travel tips. Great images here too.

3 Hurrah for Warren Ellis

This guy is the full whack. His omelette bit on his newsletter was killer, and then he ended with this:

Still weird out there, isn't it?  And getting weirder.  2018 is a dark ride, and, yes, it's going to get darker. But you're still here.  Even if you're hanging on by your fingernails -- you're still hanging on.  It still counts. Quit judging yourself. It might not feel like you're on top, but you are.  Hold on tight. Believe me, we're all right here holding on next to you. 

4 Poetry corner
This recurring item seems to have slotted nicely into the number 4 slot of the last few JFTTs. The poems arrive into my inbox daily from Matthew Ogle's Pome newsletter. They make for a great about shift to my day. Here's another I liked:
from Seven Poems

Poets of Facebook they follow you.
You don’t know them they
don’t know you. It would be a
mistake to publish this. You love mis-

Anaïs Duplan (2017)

5 Email advice from Steve Jobs
Hopefully this link takes you to Thrive Global's newsletter and a great article about an email from Steve Jobs. Well worth your time if you want to improve yourself.

Overtime Views from above. Way above!
Some stunners in this collection. More here if these two strike you as amazing.

Doha (Qatar)

Klyuchevskaya Volcano (Russia)

Friday, April 6, 2018

Senses working overtime #154

1 Views from cars

My wife loves taking photos as I drive. She's good at it too. This was her view riding the north Wales to south west England A roads on a holiday visit to blighty.

2 Rubik's Record
Pretty cool - world record Rubik's Cube solve is 5.25 seconds. Check out the world record holder!

3 Best retreaded education news story of the week
Finland, oh Finland! You lead the way and the rest of us eventually get there. I love this concept of no subjects and I may just go to Finland to join in the fun! I may have missed this when it was originally published a year ago but this 'news' is still encouraging.

4 Poetry corner


I close my eyes and see
a seagull in the desert,
high, against unbearably blue sky.

There is hope in the past.

I am writing to you
all the time, I am writing

with both hands,
day and night.

Franz Wright (2001)

5 Blogging is hard man!
Enjoyed this piece from fellow blogger - Victoria Corriere

An excerpt:
[Blogging]’s not one job, it’s many jobs all masquerading as one.
I’m the idea person, the researcher, and the interviewer. I’m the writer and the editor.
I’m the art director, the designer, the web developer, the SEO person, and the social media manager.
I’m the analytics manager and the affiliate manager and the marketing manager.

Nice, and she's spot on!


This week's change quote -

Friday, March 30, 2018

Senses working overtime #153

1 This week's 'I Love This Photo' section

Continuing the over-the-shoulder shot theme from the last JFTT: I love this shot, taken by my wife this time, of me and our daughter at Universal Studios - our destination after riding the 101 from SF to LA. This time I'm riding the escalator!

2 Poetry corner...

Friday, March 23, 2018

Senses working overtime #152

1 Riding the 101 

I love this shot of my wife (on the right) and eldest daughter (driving on the left) as we travelled the 101 from San Francisco down to LA. 

The open road, donuts (the food in case you were wondering) along the way, the beautiful pacific coastline, great company. Magic.

I see it a lot as it's my banner picture on my Facebook page. 

Every time I see it when I open Facebook I think about that trip (start of 2017) and smile.

2 This little video gives a sense of that road trip.

3 To infinity did that go again?
New Avengers movie - Infinity War is about to drop from the skies like Thor and his hammer of the gods coming from Asgard to save us pesky humans!! Yerrrrrrr boy!

4 I am like a bird, I'll only fly away.
Great poem:

from The Language of the Birds

A man saw a bird and found him beautiful. The bird had a song inside him, and feathers. Sometimes the man felt like the bird and sometimes the man felt like a stone—solid, inevitable—but mostly he felt like a bird, or that there was a bird inside him, or that something inside him was like a bird fluttering. This went on for a long time.

Richard Siken (2014)

5 Mad Men

Our viewing pleasure has centred around a return to Mad Men this week. And when I say 'our' I am including my wife under false pretenses. Allow me to explain...

I love Mad Men and have all the box sets from when box sets were the only way to view whole series.

Now we have Netflix. We'd temporarily run out of shows we both love. So I suggested we try Mad Men again (I made an attempt last year but we didn't get beyond season 1, episode 1).

I knew if we got into a routine that the rhythm of our nights would take over eventually and the characters would emerge from the smokey haze (neither of us have ever been smokers or drinkers so it takes some time to desensitise ourselves to the rampant smoking and drinking going on). 

So far so good. We've watched about 8 episodes of season 1 and the complaints are dwindling. I feel she'll get hooked soon if I'm persistent!

Stay on target!

Extra Texture - Blackberry Smoke
Speaking of smoking - these guys are hot! I played this over and over again this week when it came on the car ipod.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Senses working overtime #151

1 Autumn is coming

Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

2 Robert Creeley seldom disappoints

Oh No

If you wander far enough
you will come to it
and when you get there
they will give you a place to sit

for yourself only, in a nice chair,
and all your friends will be there
with smiles on their faces
and they will likewise all have places.

Robert Creeley (1960)

3 Arrrrrrrtichoooooooo!

Every morning I wake up in a southern hemisphere countryside (north of Auckland, New Zealand) and start sneezing. My nose runs and get heady. Why? 

As we head into autumn, maybe this is the reason - pollens seem to increasing and making it tough for the world's allergy sufferers. 

4 RIP Stephen Hawking

Yes, another week and another high profile exit. This look at five of his media cameos is a good way to celebrate his amazing life.

5 Stay fed up kids!
This image from Austin Kleon's blog is pretty remarkable. This pop out effect is most probs easy to do, but who knows - regardless, it's genius! And, I agree with him -  I hope these kids stay fed up and change the world.

Overtime: Sorry To Bother You
Samantha Purdy's first film as Assistant Director. Congrats Fanfa!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Senses working overtime #150

1 Brain fog
Photo by Ahmet Sali on Unsplash
I have no idea why Thomas Oppong used that image for his piece on reducing brain fog, but he did. Something subtle at work I guess that escapes me right now. There's a whiff of inappropriateness to the image and that's unusual for Thomas. He always uses Unsplash free photos and they usually have something oblique to add to his piece.

So this is odd. To balance it out I offer the final image to this week's JFTT edition.

Anyway, his piece is good, so, yes, worth your time. Check it out here.

2 RIP Russ Solomon

Another week, and another hero down. Celebrate the life of Russ Solomon. Who is he? Read this.

3 Clever golden arches campaign

Here's the deal.

4 Lost in Space
Netflix look like they got the mix right, even if the promo is too long. Less is more people!!

5 Quotenik
I'm a quote fiend so I loved this repository! Love this quote of the day:

Be a good steward of your gifts. Protect your time. Feed your inner life. Avoid too much noise. Read good books, have good sentences in your ears. Be by yourself as often as you can. Walk. Take the phone off the hook. Work regular hours.

“Everything I Know About Writing Poetry,” in A Hundred White Daffodils (Saint Paul, MN: Graywolf Press, 1999), 141.

International Women's Day came and went during the week and the world spun on in its eccentric way for men and women.

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash
I love this image. Strength and beauty and the enigma that is to be a women - all there! Thanks Oladimeji.


Friday, March 2, 2018

Senses working overtime #149

1 Annihilation

Looks and sounds gooooooood!!! And it's coming to Netflix in March. The link has a promo which is actually worth your time and doesn't tell you the whole story, shock horror.

2 Liam Gallagher and the cute kids
Hilarious! Having been interviewed by our Year 3 students this week, I know how Liam feels. 

3 Neutral Milk Hotel

An in-praise-of from Pitchfork. I love this album so I'm especially happy to pass this on to my select clutch of JFTT followers. Possibly this has appeared on JFTT before. Possibly. What the heckfire! It's worth it.

4 Then and now

I love these kinds of photo essays. Enjoy it with me here.

5 Get over it


Overtime - Grim!

California dreaming - the downside of Disneyland and the tourist industry is explored by The New York Times - the reality is often overlooked. Best thing I read this week (apart from Ian MacDonald's essay, The People's Music, in his anthology of the same name, that is).