Friday, August 25, 2017

Senses working overtime #122

1 National Geographic photography awards

Pretty much doesn't get any better than this. Love this mirror image and here's more.

2 Welcome to the golden age of television

In case you were wondering, that would be right now! And I thought I'd lived through it in the sixties/seventies!

I love that photo of the writer as well. The couch, the array of pictures, her pose, the coffee table, the skirting board. All, very, cool.

3 Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo.

Genius artist!! Who knew (well, obviously, apart from him!)

4 Interview questions
Great list of things to ask your next interviewee.

5 3D Coke advert in Times Square

3D Coke Sign in Times Square from Loren Brinton on Vimeo.

I love Coke adverts!  

Extra texture
If you are NOT one of the 31 million (and growing) people who have watched this amazing animated history of JAPAN vid on YouTube, then WATCH IT!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Senses working overtime #121

1 Celebrating the wisdom of Marshall McLuhan

MM shock as he phones it in
Some great messages from Marshall

2 Warm jets

I have none of Brian Eno's early albums. But reading this could change that situation!

3 Einstein revealed
Great piece from the fine folks at National Geographic on Albert.

4 Marry a teacher

And be happy!!

5 Social media goes critical mass!

Wohsers - these numbers are mindnumbing!

Overtime - Paper dictionaries.

The dictionary corner at City Lights Bookstore
in San Francisco

I hadn't thought about this (the value of a paper dictionary) at all. And I love it when a post comes along that makes me think something new. I very much enjoy Austin Kleon's weekly newsletter summary of titbits! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Senses working overtime #120

1 Disney's Star Wars Hotel

Last time we were at Disneyland we saw the huge area where the Star Wars stuff is under construction. The Hotel concept is explained here. We'll be there!

2 Arsenal v Leicester

Premier League is back! Read all about the first weekend.

3 The Last Jedi...

is getting closer.

4 U Thant Island
Loved this Vox video - best thing I watched on a computer this week!

5 THOR... also coming. Great poster!

Extra texture
In praise of San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), actually their museum store which looks splendid.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Senses working overtime #119

1 Just do it

Great piece from the gifted Thomas Oppong about action! Do it! Make the great leap forward. Okay, you could start by just reading about it I guess. Here it is. Read it! Now! What are you waiting for?

2 Celebrating Len

Best thing I read this week - an obit for Len Herzstein. A Giants 'balldude', a regular joe, who lived well and has died age 93. 

3 Lame Donald duck

Excellent piece about Donald Trump's  lame duckhood.

4 Greatest albums by women

Excellent run down of some outstanding music. How many do you own/have listened to?

5 Seven meaningful TED talks to inspire you
Some beauties, right here!

Extra texture
Tower Records doco All Things Must Pass looks like a must see...