Saturday, January 30, 2016

Senses working overtime #41

Well well well - here I am back in Nu Zild again. Airports and planes are a riot of senses.

Hence the lateness of this edition - I'll never understand what happens to time on a flight from London to Auckland!!

The worst noise was at the Domestic terminal back in NZ waiting for a flight to Napier. What a racket! I had to leave - it was that bad!

Anyway - here we go with some delights for the 41st time. Wow - these things mount up!

1 Refugees
The crisis may have dwindled in terms of news reports but this is still dire times throughout the middle east and Europe. This article gives a break down on the flow of humanity heading to Europe. It's scary!!

2 High50
I should visit this site more.  It's pretty cool.

3 Control

I have learned (slowly and painfully) to trust pilots of airplanes. Actually it's more that I have slowly and painfully realised that control is an illusion. I like this piece.

Doing the London Eye was an exercise in relinquishing control!

4 Another list about living
I'm an all day sucker for these kinds of lists.

5 Star Wars at Disneyland
While in LA we visited Disneyland again - happiest place on Earth? You betcha. While there we did the Star Wars stuff (the movie hadn't been released yet) and it was wonderful!

Overtime: Books
Nicely written piece on eavesdropping and reading.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Senses working overtime #40

My last weekend round up from London town before heading back down under. Jacky and I have had an amazing holiday in England and Wales. But all good things...end in a senses working overtime list.

So - 'ere me go 'ere we go 'ere we go...

1 Comics

While here I bought some comics. Yes I did. Fantastic Four, Star Wars and Thor. I bookmarked this article a while ago - helps me justifying my ongoing love affair with comic books.

2 De-vices
Everywhere I go I walk into people who are busy on their devices. What the hell are they always looking at??? Don't they know what all these devices are doing to them?

3 REALLY Old stuff
I have probably posted on this before but what the hell. I love this story of the Mexican church that emerged after being buried by water, or something. Read it again!

4 Roger Dean

I love prog rock and I love Roger Dean's amazing covers. Most of my purchases while here have been prog orientated - Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Steven Wilson and so on. Love prog!

5 James Bond

We saw Spectre while we 'ere innit. I really liked it! Good Bondage fun. This interactive map is also fun and I also may have posted on it before but who cares. It's great fun!

Overtime: some photos for y'all to enjoy! Love Bill Murray!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Senses working overtime #39

1 Westminster illuminated

Our visit to London included some of the illuminated buildings the mayor of London (Boris the spider) shouted the great unwashed.

2 Older than you know
Amazing story about a piece of rock that is OLDER THAN THE EARTH!!!

3 Shark attack!!
Some fantastic drone footage of sharks including when sharks attack the drone! Yikes!

4 Cinesift
Ever wished you could, say, search for all movies with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100 currently streamable on Netflix? This is a pretty cool app for doing just that.

5 Words
I love words. These ones though? Pretty hard to drop into a conversation. This is an A - Z of unusual words that are unusual for a reason!

Overtime: False-consensus bias
I enjoyed this Medium article - pretty cool game too but I'm not sure I could play by the rules!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Senses working overtime #38

Still dominating my thinking!
1 Logos
A cool Vox video on logos.

2 White House photographer sparkles
Some great images from Pete Souza.

3 Surreal Waves
Some amazing photos features waves in all their majestic and brutal forms.

4 President Obama
As you can tell from number 2, I'm a big fan of POTUS (and FLOTUS). This montage of videos shows more reasons why they are so cool!

5 Star Wars
News of the next load of Star Wars movies - ex-cite-ing!!!

Overtime: Star Wars
Hey I can't get enough right now! This is a cool look at the novelisation of The Force Awakens and what it reveals about the plotlines to come.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Senses working overtime #37

This is the second (or maybe third) week I've been in London to do the senses working overtime.

What an amazing city - yes there are problems, yes there are crowds, yes there is more rubbish on the streets, yes there are many smokers still but I can live with all that because there is an energy and a buzz and a sense of being that I don't get anywhere else.

But anyway - enough of me - what has assaulted my senses this week? Let's get to it...

1 2016 has rolled around
This is a pretty cool summary of 2015 (in four minutes!)

2 Emirates

The smirk says it all!

I took the tour last week. It was beyond awesome!!

3 Movies for 2016
Looking forward to a lot (A LOT) of these 2016 releases

4 Jazz noises
This little post from The Guardian is pretty cool - a run down of the best jazz noises from last year, including a great track from Polar Bear.

5 Hitchcock
These story boards from Hitchcock's films are works of art in themselves.

1 Margaret Drabble
Here's another reason why I love reading The Guardian.

2 Drone photos

Drone photography (thanks to Mr Whatley's Five Things)