Friday, August 26, 2016

Senses working overtime #71

1 Joseph Goebbels 105 year old secretary speaks!

Brunhilde Pomsel,
Fabulous interview with this woman. It will surprise you, stun you, make you think!

2 Mulholland Drive

Speaking of stunning, surprising etc - Mulholland Drive is the best film of the 21st century, apparently. Some interesting selections in this Guardian article.

3 Just a great photo

This is from 1973 - Thomas Carter waiting for flood waters to recede from the porch of his home near Vicksburg, Mississippi. For more go here.

4 Fannie Lou Hamer
Great read about this black civil rights activist.

5 Song of the week
Sufjan Stevens - Should have known better.

Ryan 'Bro' Lochte is summed up well by John Oliver

Friday, August 19, 2016

Senses working overtime #70

1 Cars

I love this image from unsplash! It sums up the freedom of the road. There's the style factor certain cars have, it's cool colour, and the driver's relaxed but thoughtful pose. Just wanted to share it.

2 Nine%
As this article explains brilliantly, only 9% of Americans actually chose Trump and Clinton as the nominees of their parties.

3 Seth says...
Seth Godin's latest message was rilly cool:

The lottery winners (a secret of unhappiness)

You're going to have to fight for every single thing, forever and ever. It's really unlikely that they will pick you, anoint you or hand you the audience and support you seek.
No one will ever realize just how extraordinary you are, how generous, charismatic, or caring.

That pretty much doesn't happen, except for just a handful of people who win some sort of cosmic lottery, who get 'discovered' at a drug store and made a movie star, who are on the fast track to CEO of the Fortune 500, who get the big label deal and the gold records, merely for being in the right place at the right time.

Those people, it turns out, those few, end up unhappy. You might imagine that you'd like to be in their shoes, but they spend every day feeling both entitled and fraudulent.

You, on the other hand, get the privilege of the struggle, of working your ass off to make a difference.

4 Women editors

Dede Allen
Great article about the imbalance between women and men in Hollywood power positions.

5 The science behind reading in a car

I don't get sick reading in a moving vehicle (car/bus/plane/train) but people in my family do. Here's why!

Overtime - Rogue One
The new trailer has some interesting teasers!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Senses working overtime #69

1 Saturn V

I have no idea what 7.5 million pounds of thrust is really all about but it sounds MASSIVE!! This is a really terrific interview (with pictures and videos) with
Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden, on the 45th anniversary of his epic voyage to the Moon.

There is so much great stuff in the article - it had me constantly shaking my head in disbelief. You really need to read this!

Here's a nifty graft included along the way.

Anyway - go read it!!

2 POTUS playlist
Yet another reason to love President Obama! His summer playlist  and his evening playlist on Spotify!

3 The Golden Gate Bridge

Yet another reason to love San Francisco. More photos here.

4 Mr Grumpy
I'm mos def a glass half full kinda guy. Interesting, though, to consider the view from 

5 Your mission, Mr Phelps
Yet more reasons to admire and like Michael Phelps, as if 'dream big' wasn't enough.


Weather - a great staple of phatic communion the world over. Use these pictures to kick start that next convo on the petrol station forecourt.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Senses working overtime #68

1 Star Trek Beyond

The third movie in the reboot films is the first without J.J. Abrams and it's probably, according to this article, all the better for it. How is THAT possible??

2 Hillary Rodham
Wow - 47 years ago (that makes it 1969) Hillary Clinton (Rodham) gave a commencement speech as a student. It's a fascinating listening experience!

3 How a TV show is made
Using The Americans as an example, this is a rilly cool run down on the process from the good people at Vox. I'm a big fan of the show and it's fun getting a peek behind the (high pressured) scenes.

4 Stand by him

I'm also a fan of Wil Wheaton and his writing (and acting - he was Gordie in Stand By Me). This piece is about his reboot and 44th birthday and it's rilly cool!

5 ipod classic

I love mine - this guy does too!

Jason Bourne is back and so is the shaky style of Paul Greenglass.

Song of the week - Hero by Family of the Year