Saturday, December 26, 2015

Senses working overtime #36

This week's senses are devoted to Star Wars in general and The Force Awakens in particular because it is awesome. Beyond awesome. Whatever the word for 'beyond awesome' is - that's what describes The Force Awakens!

What a film! Perfect in so many ways.

1 The appeal
Why do we love Star Wars so much? This article aims to sum up some explanations.

2 The myths
I love the fact that SW taps into the rich history of myths and arechetypes. 

3 The review
Everyone seems to be saying the same things about the new film. Not sure if there's even one negative review out there. I particularly liked this one from The Guardian.

4 The biz
Disney own Lucasfilm and Star Wars now so the film's even more of a marketing giant than before.

5 The Greedo incident
I loved this one - analysis of Han Solo's preemptive strike against the bounty hunter, Greedo, in Episode 4.

This guy is nuts (technical term!)

Great overview piece provides another bonus!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Senses working overtime #35

1 Scott Weiland
This is a sobering piece, written by Mary Forsberg, his second wife and the mother of Scott's two teenage children. He died on his tour bus but in reality he'd been busy dying for years. Sad.

2 Star Wars NFL mash up

Check out these great helmets in Star Wars themes.

3 Speaking of space
Loved this article in The Guardian about life on the ISS (that's International Space Station).

4 The Force Awakens

The Guardian review says it all and it's spoiler free!

5 Bowie
Like a lot of people, I enjoy watching how Bowie morphs his image.

6 London
My senses have been overwhelmed by being back in London this week. So many sights, sounds, body spam,  and mmm - smells to delight in. As for taste - who knew that you could get gluten free bread that tasted sensational?

The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery in Upper St (Highbury Islington where I'm staying) makes the most unbelievably awesome gluten free breads.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Senses working overtime #34

1 J.J. Abrams
The depth of my respect is well known. The man is amazingly awesome in his wonderfulness. He even managed to add some class to Jimmy Fallon's show!

2 Spectre
This is a cool article on British spelling vs Americanisation of film titles.

3 Macbeth
Looking forward to this one! Visceral is a great word!

4 Christmas
Those are real people!
We're heading to London for Christmas this year and I'm REALLY looking forward to a winter Christmas. Here's a cool place to begin stoking up the Christmas cheer.

5 LA smog
We've arrived for three days to visit Samantha and Jesse before heading to England. The smog haze over LA is NOT a good look - is this just a permanent thing now? Pity.

Loverley clear day yesterday at Venice Beach - more like it!


I love overseas airports. The sounds and sights at the arrivals' gate at LAX were wonderful!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Senses working overtime #33

1 Captain America
The next big Marvel movie looks the biznis - Captain America: Civil War (but then, I did think that about The Fantastic Four reboot promo).

2 Floating
I loved this selection of photographs by Nick Layton where people (and phones) float...

3 Puddings
Need a chuckle? Here's a triffic article explaining what Americans and Brits call 'puddings', 'biscuits' ; 'scones' and so on. A hoot!

4 Unsplash

More stunning photography from the good people at Unsplash for your sensual perusal (I think that's a thing).

5 Bill Murray
I've always been a fan - a National Lampoon record with Bill as a DJ was my hilarious introduction to his genius.

This is a pretty cool read - about the cult of personality that is taking shape around his public persona.

Overtime: Thought I'd keep with the Bill-a-thon concept for the bonus this week. 

My first Bill Murray movie experience was Meatballs. And, no apologies, I LOVE Meatballs.