Saturday, December 12, 2015

Senses working overtime #34

1 J.J. Abrams
The depth of my respect is well known. The man is amazingly awesome in his wonderfulness. He even managed to add some class to Jimmy Fallon's show!

2 Spectre
This is a cool article on British spelling vs Americanisation of film titles.

3 Macbeth
Looking forward to this one! Visceral is a great word!

4 Christmas
Those are real people!
We're heading to London for Christmas this year and I'm REALLY looking forward to a winter Christmas. Here's a cool place to begin stoking up the Christmas cheer.

5 LA smog
We've arrived for three days to visit Samantha and Jesse before heading to England. The smog haze over LA is NOT a good look - is this just a permanent thing now? Pity.

Loverley clear day yesterday at Venice Beach - more like it!


I love overseas airports. The sounds and sights at the arrivals' gate at LAX were wonderful!!

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