Friday, December 4, 2015

Senses working overtime #33

1 Captain America
The next big Marvel movie looks the biznis - Captain America: Civil War (but then, I did think that about The Fantastic Four reboot promo).

2 Floating
I loved this selection of photographs by Nick Layton where people (and phones) float...

3 Puddings
Need a chuckle? Here's a triffic article explaining what Americans and Brits call 'puddings', 'biscuits' ; 'scones' and so on. A hoot!

4 Unsplash

More stunning photography from the good people at Unsplash for your sensual perusal (I think that's a thing).

5 Bill Murray
I've always been a fan - a National Lampoon record with Bill as a DJ was my hilarious introduction to his genius.

This is a pretty cool read - about the cult of personality that is taking shape around his public persona.

Overtime: Thought I'd keep with the Bill-a-thon concept for the bonus this week. 

My first Bill Murray movie experience was Meatballs. And, no apologies, I LOVE Meatballs.

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