Friday, June 24, 2016

Senses working overtime #62

1 Jeeerrrrrry

Jerry Seinfeld is a regular visitor to these pages. He has season 8 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee out (soon? now? not sure). If you've never seen any (!!!!) go to YouTube right now and treat yourself.

2 Tim's views
Thanks to a link from James Whatley - here's a series of photos from Tim's view aboard the space station.

3 PM Dawn
RIP Attrell.

4 Rowan and Elton
Hilarious YouTube clip has Rowan Atkinson interviewing Elton John.

5 Welcome to a scary world...

Vantage have some great photography stories. This one is slightly creepy/ scary though - it details the strange world created by Mark Hogancamp who was attacked outside a bar in Kingston, NY. After coming out of a coma, Hogancamp created his own recovery therapy in his backyard — a miniature Belgian WWII town called Marwencol where Hogancamp can work on his dexterity and on his imagination.

Overtime: Pixar
All seventeen of the Pixar movies rated! Your life is now complete!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Senses working overtime #61

1 Grace Slick

I think I've always been in love with Grace. She is so wonderful, so talented, so funny, with such a beautiful spirit. You get a sense of it as she discusses writing White Rabbit.

2 A movie written by algorithm
Hmm - not sure what I think about this - Sunspring is a sci-fi movie written by artificial intelligence. Definitely fits into 'senses working overtime', though.

3 Girl squad
This NY Times 'report' on the Hillary Clinton/ Liz Warren meeting is hilarious!! I wish I could write clever stuff like this.

4 Brain Pickings
I love tuning into the more cerebral delights of Brain Pickings. This latest piece on reading centres attention on Hermann Hesse in a stunning way!

5 Ellen's set

I saw this picture on my Twitter feed and while it didn't inspire me to go to the link, it did make me admire the set: the white square seating (which allows the humans to float via their darker clothing); the contrasting natural textures of the (fake?) wooden coffee table with book/(fake?) flowers/coffee mugs (not cups); fake cityscape with palm trees projected onto the big screen behind her; the highly polished floor. All gleaming, all fake warmth or fake expanse. It's actually really really well done!


Song of the week and, yes, I love Steven Wilson's stuff: Lazurus by Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree:

Friday, June 10, 2016

Senses working overtime #60

1  Pep

It's another Sgt Pepper's anniversary and just when you thought it had all been written something springs up to surprise you. The Greatest? the debate rages on...

2 Mystery train
I like this guy - he embarks on a metaphor (visits to his posts are like a train coming into an abandoned station, and not very frequently) and just extends it without mercy! Gotta love that!

3 Sadiq Khan
How wonderful that there is a muslim mayor of London. Londoners rock!! This is a great Guardian article about what he's up to over Ramadan which started this week.

4 Speaking of Ramadan
What is it? This is what it's about!

5 The Ercolines - Woodstock icons

I remain fascinated by the original Woodstock festival in 1969. I love this couple's story!
They met at Dino’s Bar, a local diner, when Bobbi was with another man, a waiter there, in February of 1969. 
“She was gorgeous, are you kidding me? Long, blonde hair, she was a gorgeous girl. She’s a gorgeous woman,” Ercoline said.

Song of the week is Porcupine Trees's Buying New Soul.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Senses working overtime #59

1 National Geographic photos

Get ready to gasp in awe - some truly inspiring images in this lot!

2 Olivia Munn

Woo Nellie - Olivia Munn was freakin awesome in The Newsroom. Wait, what? She's Psylocke in the new X-Men: Apocalypse movie? Let me through...

3 Work place dress codes
Always a hot topic, this is a great article about the changing modes of dress for men and women at the coalface. 

4 Star Wars holograms
Cool idea, holograms carved into the grooves of the vinyl version of The Force Awakens soundtrack. Thanks to James for the heads up.

5 Three years of Unsplash

Amazing images on Unsplash, as you know. This link takes you to a three year anniversary celebration.

Overtime: Song of the week
This insane version of Highway Star by Joe Satriani and the guys from Chickenfoot rocked the Purdmobile this week.