Saturday, December 31, 2016

Senses working overtime #89

1 Carrie Fisher

In a year made up of a mounting celebrity death toll (and since Christmas - Rick Parfitt and George Michael!) comes this - Princess Leia is dead. This celebratory obituary gets the tone right. Rest in peace Carrie.

2 V&A

I love the Victoria and Albert Museum! Saw this exhibition and LOVED it even more!

3 Marty
Great look at all of Martin Scorsese's films. Yes, all of them! You up for this?

4 Star Wars women
More on Carrie but also Daisy and Felicity. Written before Carrie Fisher died - and better for it! Check it out.

5 Debbie Reynolds
What a week - remember her this way.

Overtime - Song of the week returns:
Anderson/ Stolt enjoy their place in this coveted spot. I wondered whether or not to buy the album so I took a listen to this track and within 30 seconds I was a believer!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Senses working overtime #88

1 That's no moon...

Rogue One continues the focus on the awesome ultra baddy that is the Death Star! Saw Rogue One this week in San Francisco's West Portal cinema. It's gooooood!

2 Rogue One reviews
Pretty balanced look, this one. And this one delves into the film's themes really well.

3 Medium stats
My Medium readership is examined! Good to know. Plus there's a cool link to the year's top stories on Medium.

4 Pocket
Clearly, it's time for the year's best of collections. Here's the really cool stuff from Pocket.

5 Chatbots explained
I think I get it, thanks to this article.

Patti Smith's words and singing are a constant joy.

This deconstruction of Time magazine's cover image of Trump is fun.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Senses working overtime #87

This week's jewels are coming to you from San Francisco's Ocean Park Motel.  

1 Rogue One

Only one place to start  - Rogue One is out REALLY SOON. Hoping I can see this in SF or after Christmas at The Screen on the Green in Upper Street. Ex-cit-ing!!

2 OMG Vol 1

3 OMG Vol 2


4 Bill Gates
reviews an interesting looking book about what makes a great leader.

5 John Glenn
God speed, John Glenn.

Spiderman, spiderman...I'm a fan of the comic, less so of the movies. Maybe this time...?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Senses working overtime #86


This is all fairly depressing on a multitude of levels but it is the way of the world. Great look at the changing profile of the President. But, like I said, depressing.

2 Best films of 2016
The New York Times has created a cool run down of this year's best films for everyone to argue with. Wahoo!

3 Trump - person of the year
Time magazine name Trump their person of the year. No one else came close really.

4 Larry Kim
Always has interesting things to say - here he is about the things we can't change, so stop trying!

5 What I wished I learned at school

This is a pretty cool list of skills that Geoff Pilkington wished he'd learned at school.

Seth Godin continues an amazing run of posts - this one has his reading recommendations. I'm intending on tracking these all down.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Senses working overtime #85

1 At Jackie's side

A pretty remarkable piece - an excerpt from a book - Clint Hill's Five Days In November - this brought back memories. In November 1963 I was 6 years old - old enough to remember the shocking front page of the New Zealand Herald.

2 Sci-Fi films of 2016
I missed these but now I have a few films to catch up with during 2017!

Songs reimagined as infographics.

More here!

4 Culture
The best culture writing of 2016 is right here! You're welcome!

5 Cinema as weapon

Five films that mirror our rage (or - five ways to put the Trump win in perspective).

Overtime: Dance moves for the office Christmas party.

Tis the season - check out Sarah Cooper's great tips!