Friday, March 25, 2016

Senses working overtime #49

1 Republican fight

This is a great article from someone who has been going to Republican conventions since, staggeringly, 1952. She writes beautifully - clearly and dispassionately about the unholy mess Donald Trump has brought to the American political status quo. A great read - go to it!

2 British or American?
Ricky Gervais - love him or hate him (I'm in the first camp) has written a great article on the differences between British and American humour.

3 100 Books
How to read 100 books in a year. It's easier than you thought!

4 Pexels

The two best free photo sites I've found are unsplash (featured last week) and Pexels. I typed in autumn and this beautiful picture came up!

5 Donald Trump's language
Great video analysis of Donald Trump's oratory, link supplied by a colleague - thanks Andrew!

Great article about nerds, chess club members, Ross from Friends and American idiot culture. Go to it...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Senses working overtime #48

1 Unsplash

I'm always amazed at the stream of amazing images I get in my inbox from Unsplash. Highly recommended!

2 Togetherness
I'm not sure if this show has appeared on Soho yet but I'll look out for it. Seems a little like one of my favourite shows from the eighties - Thirtysomething.

3 Early risers
I'm definitely one! Good to know, via this piece, that the old - early to bed, early to rise scenario is paying off!

4 The Americans

I bought season one on DVD and enjoyed it, went to buy season 2 in NZ and - couldn't! It wasn't released here for some bizarre reason, so I had to grab a copy from HMV in London. Season three is not yet on DVD unfortunately and now Season four is about to hit Soho. I can't miss it! AARRGGHHHH! What to do. what to do?

Yes I'm an Obama fan but he still so gets Donald Trump!!

Charles Dickens didn’t just have a great mind, he had great calves as well.
That opening line hooked me! A great read on a key element of creativity. No, not great calves...solitude. Love it!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Senses working overtime #47

1 National Geographic photos

This lot were unpublished (Mon Dieu!).

2 It's all the same story
I love Neil Young's comment to his audience on one of his live albums (Year Of The Horse from off the top of my head) that - it's all the same song!

This article (a long read from the Atlantic) is in the same superb vein.

3 London!

I love London and I miss it. This site makes me miss it even more. Lost locations of London. You could search around London for years and years and never get bored!

4 London! Again!!
In a similar vein - this Pinterest board called London Moments is grrrrrrreat!!

5 Wile E Coyote

Does Wile E Coyote help explain this crazy old world we all live and breathe in? Why yes, yes he does!

Overtime: I love everything about squirrels

Friday, March 4, 2016

Senses working overtime #46

1 San Francisco

Like a lot of people I lost my heart to San Francisco. My eldest daughter is one lucky bunny - she gets to live and work there. 

These photographs reek of love!

2 Best film Oscar for 2017 goes to...
Great article about film and NEXT YEAR'S Academy Awards

3 Don't worry, be happy
TED talks - everybody loves them. I'm working my way through these ten so that I can feel better.

4 Scott Kelly

His photographs from the space station are gobsmackingly amazing.

5 Zootropia
This one from Disney should be as cool as um as er Magnificent Mr Fox (took a while but I knew it was in there somewhere). Here's the promo.

I'm loving this interactive graph about when people marry in the US. Fascinating to compare education and ethnic groups.

I'm a fan of George Clooney. Here's a cool puff piece on him from the Guardian.