Friday, March 25, 2016

Senses working overtime #49

1 Republican fight

This is a great article from someone who has been going to Republican conventions since, staggeringly, 1952. She writes beautifully - clearly and dispassionately about the unholy mess Donald Trump has brought to the American political status quo. A great read - go to it!

2 British or American?
Ricky Gervais - love him or hate him (I'm in the first camp) has written a great article on the differences between British and American humour.

3 100 Books
How to read 100 books in a year. It's easier than you thought!

4 Pexels

The two best free photo sites I've found are unsplash (featured last week) and Pexels. I typed in autumn and this beautiful picture came up!

5 Donald Trump's language
Great video analysis of Donald Trump's oratory, link supplied by a colleague - thanks Andrew!

Great article about nerds, chess club members, Ross from Friends and American idiot culture. Go to it...

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