Friday, April 1, 2016

Senses working overtime #50

1 Shake it!

I visited JB Hi Fi this week and came away with my usual armful of eclectic bargains. I bought Ryan Adam's version of 1989 a while back and have been looking for a bargain bin priced copy of Taylor Swift's original album since then. Loving it, especially the hit Shake It Off! What a video too!!

2 Spurious friends
I recently had to ditch my Facebook account because of some hacking on my page. I'm kinda missing it or more accurately anxious that I've lost touch with some friends. But then I read this and realised true friends will still be in contact - we find a way.

3 Documentary heaven
Great list of ten documentaries that must be seen (according to The Guardian and you know how much I love The Guardian so...just trust the list, okay!).

4 Heard it in a love song
Six movies about love that you should watch. Yes, I know but watch them anyway!

5 Living here, OMG...amazing!
Fritha Hookway wrote a nice piece on how great living in NZ is. It's easy to get blasé about the crust upon which we live, so it's nice to be reminded of things from time to time.

I'll end with more Swift stuff - pretty cool cover of Clean (a terrific song, also from 1989)

..and Ryan Adam's cover of Shake It Off takes us via Springsteen Roy Orbison...

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