Friday, April 8, 2016

Senses working overtime #51

1 Superman
Loved this Superman comic that was featured on James Whatley's Five Things on a Friday. Great writing!

2 Luke's lightsaber
James was on fire last week - here's a second item that I have to re-share - a great attempt to trace Luke's lightsaber through the Star Wars saga.

3 Hmmm...
Two great pieces - Hilary Clinton on Trump's stance on women's health and photos from a Trump rally.

How weird can this circus get? Pretty darn weird!

4 Invisible

Some amazing photographs in this Vantage article - the depth and richness of colour and texture makes them come alive!

5 Trumpites
Who is supporting the Trumpster? This article gives a snapshot of who and what the people are. Revealing and stunning!

1 First Star Wars: Rogue One preview is out...ex-cit-ing!

2 I've been chewing over this article on Brain Pickings about the art of living for a while. It needs some concentration but is very rewarding. I recommend a read!
The goal of living [is] to grow optimally according to the conditions of human existence and thus to become fully what one potentially is; to let reason or experience guide us to the understanding of what norms are conducive to well-being, given the nature of man that reason enables us to understand.

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