Friday, April 22, 2016

Senses working overtime #53

1 Cap is back

I'm loving the positivity surrounding the new Captain America: Civil War. I am drawn to superhero movies via my love of comics but they often let me down (I'm still smarting from the latest Fantastic Four horror show) but this one sounds like a goody.

2 Guster
I'd never heard of Guster before reading this on - a piece written by band member Brian Rosenworcel. Now, I'm a fan!

3 Macro

Wow - more of this amazing macro stuff here.

4 Taylor and Ryan
I watched this great little interview of Taylor Swift by Ryan Adams. I loved reading his posts as he was recording his version of 1989 and this interview is also fun.

5 Cuepoint
A recent discovery - Cuepoint is a great place to find music articles/ photography. The front page has vinyl spinning on a turntable - a beautiful sight/site. That Guster article from above was from there too, as well as some great Bowie photographs - I'll wait while you check it out...

Overtime: More Taylor Swift

Cuepoint also has this great background article on Taylor Swift's 1989 - an album that is going to loom even larger as the years go by.

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