Friday, August 28, 2015

Senses working overtime #19

1 Star Wars theme park
OMG - hot flushes going overtime with this news. How cool will this be? Can I live there??

2 Robert Frost
I enjoyed thinking anew about Robert Frost's famous The Road Not Taken poem thanks to this article.

3 Deep Blue
Try this as an opening paragraph to a great article on whether machines will ever replace teachers: 
In the spring of 1997 in New York City, IBM’s chess-playing computer, Deep Blue, took on Russian grandmaster Garry Kasparov in a rematch of their 1996 match. In the sixth and decisive game of the match, Deep Blue unexpectedly sacrificed his knight and pulled Kasparov into a trap. Less than twenty moves into the game, Kasparov was forced to resign. 
It was a watershed moment. A machine had outsmarted the world’s greatest chess player.

4 Magazine covers
Who doesn't love an article that traces the development in magazine covers for some iconic mags? What I thought! Check out this and for the record I'm a Star Wars fan who doesn't approve of that GQ spread.

5 Earth
Ever wondered why 'Earth' is called 'Earth'? Me too. Here's the answer.

This Jimi Hendrix clip turned up on Walrus Gumboot and I was there in the zone baby!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Senses working overtime #18

1 Star Wars
An awesome poster is keeping my juices whetted (if that's a thing)

2 Guardians Of The Galaxy
Love this great anti bullying message from the Marvel people. It's a lovely subtle image that packs a cool as message. And it features maple leaves which is, like, my thing!

3 Rogue Nation
This is a great read. I admit it - I'm a fan of the franchise and the man. This article helps you understand why.

These close up photos are amazing...

5 First and last
I watched this collection of first and last frames from 50 or so movies and was entranced from the start. Eerie and beautifully put together. Thanks JW.

First and Final Frames from Jacob T. Swinney on Vimeo.

Overtime: In the pink
This video explaining the way pink became associated with women is pretty cool. Who knew?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Senses working overtime #17

1 Ghost In The Gun

One of my four talented children is producing this film in San Francisco. The poster is really cool! Designed by a friend of Samantha's. Can't wait to see it!

2 Sleep
This Guardian article on sleep caught my eye. I could do with some quality sack time at the moment after an epic week of outdoor adventure.

3 Emails versus Gogol
We are mad about quizzes where I work - staff have a daily quiz at lunchtime and my students love them too if Kahoots is anything to go by. I loved this quiz: are the lines from Nikolai Gogol, a 19th century Russian writer, or an email from the writer's boss in 2015?

4 and 5 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Some fun loving staff, my Year 12's and I went walk 20 kilometres in the Tongariro National Park. Awesome. Epic. Here are two shots that exemplify the experience:

Overtime: Don't Stop Believing!!
I found myself thinking this a few times this week (and on Friday afternoon I turned up the volume baby!)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Senses working overtime #16

1 The Fabs
My mate Greg Semmens (rhymes with lemons) alerted me to this - What goes on. It's amazing in its awesomeness and attention to bizarre detail. Some of it is a little suss but you have to admire the sheer anal retentiveness of the site.

2 Celebrating the mixtape
I'm NOT a fan of cassettes at all BUT I did love making mixtapes back in the day for friends and family. I still own one made by my English cousin at the end of the seventies which includes some great cutting edge punk singles that she was into then.

Anyway - here's a quick read on why mixtapes are a fantastic (lost) art form. 

3 Brian Wilson
I love Brian, The Beach Boys music, and John Cusack, a lot, but I have no intention of actually watching the recent movie about him. I suspect it's like all the other music bios ever made - naff!

This poster, however, is truly fab!

4 5 and (extreme) Overtime SOUNDS
Generally speaking my ears have had a wake up call this week as I unpacked boxes of records and boxes of CDs in our new house. Here's a three shot of my listening pleasure as I did so: