Saturday, December 26, 2015

Senses working overtime #36

This week's senses are devoted to Star Wars in general and The Force Awakens in particular because it is awesome. Beyond awesome. Whatever the word for 'beyond awesome' is - that's what describes The Force Awakens!

What a film! Perfect in so many ways.

1 The appeal
Why do we love Star Wars so much? This article aims to sum up some explanations.

2 The myths
I love the fact that SW taps into the rich history of myths and arechetypes. 

3 The review
Everyone seems to be saying the same things about the new film. Not sure if there's even one negative review out there. I particularly liked this one from The Guardian.

4 The biz
Disney own Lucasfilm and Star Wars now so the film's even more of a marketing giant than before.

5 The Greedo incident
I loved this one - analysis of Han Solo's preemptive strike against the bounty hunter, Greedo, in Episode 4.

This guy is nuts (technical term!)

Great overview piece provides another bonus!

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