Friday, July 14, 2017

Senses working overtime #116

1 Cool movie and TV posters

Check out more here.

2 The beat generation

Great article and interviews with some of the beat generation, a.k.a. Allen Ginsberg's friends - according to Ferlinghetti who is among them.

3 Poor rich Qatar

I lived and worked in Doha for a while back in 2009-2010, enjoyed it too, so this article about Saudi's diplomatic war against Qatar was interesting, to say the least. The BBC outlines events well, too.

4 Rotten tomatoes? Fresh or rotten?
I'm a fan of the site but Hollywood is moaning about it. Boo hoo.

The world's greatest newspaper (a.k.a. The Guardian) weighs in on the debate.

5 So, how about that Spiderman?

Looks like mega success to me! Here are the numbers.

Overtime - Celebrating Warren Ellis

Castlevania is a hit on Netflix. Bravo Warren Ellis.

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