Friday, July 7, 2017

Senses working overtime #115

1 Spin, spin, spin the black circle

Welcome news about the vinyl resurgence!

2 Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asterioid field is approximately 3,720 to 1!

Asteroids can be scary things. Apparently in 2013 a small asteroid exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia. 1,500 people were injured from the resulting shockwave. Yikes!! 2013!!!

But, this article kind of put my mind at rest, just a tad.

3 Black Panther

Another Marvellous addition to the superhero ranks. See what I did there?

4 And here's more - 17 top movies to check out
Just a click away...17 of this year's best movies and how you can find them.

5 And...action!

Still photography on movie sets - great pictures as well as a great bunch of words.

Extra Texture

I've always loved The Amazing Spiderman. I collected the comics when I was a nipper and I dreamed about being him - he was accessible even though his girlfriends weren't. I enjoy the movies and Homecoming looks like the real deal.

Spidey - his story.

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