Friday, May 20, 2016

Senses working overtime #57

1 Innovation

Excellent article from the New York Times on innovation. It's a longish read but what the hell! Do yourself a favour.

2 Cool
I was never a cool kid, never hip, so this piece from a kindred spirit struck a nice chord.

3 Bad Robot
Actually this JJ Abrams company isn't in the run down but there are some great stories in this list of TV Production company names.

4 Stanley is 90 and an inspiration
Great story from the New York Times about Stanley Turkel, how he spends his Sundays and living well.

5 DC vs Marvel

I am a fan of some DC comics - okay, pretty much only Sgt Rock. Batman and Superman don't do it for like Marvel comic characters like Sgt Fury, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Spiderman, and The Silver Surfer.

This article goes some way to explain why DC lags behind.

Overtime: Commander Cody
My favourite song of the week. It's so good here's three versions:


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