Friday, May 13, 2016

Senses working overtime #56

1 Millennial

A great collection of photographs that aim to capture what it is to be part of the millennial generation  (link courtesy of James Whatley)

2 Star Wars leadership
Seven lessons in leadership from The Force Awakens - pretty awesome little article.

3 Wedding photos
Normally not something I'd blog about, look at, or pass on, but these are very sobering images from the war zone.

4 The Americans
Great story from The Guardian (world's greatest newspaper - official) on the real life versions of The Americans. That means two Soviet moles who lived in the US and had children etc before being outed. Amazing!

5 Who gets the farm?
Love this story - love the younger son!

Wow - no way would I wear one of these!

Spanish fourth division football team goes for the naked male look - bizarre.

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