Friday, May 6, 2016

Senses working overtime #55

1 Seinfeld

Where are the cast members now from the greatest show ever made on TV (official)?

2 Civil War 
Great run down on the state of the civil war between Captain America and Iron Man.

3 Head case
Wowsers!! I told my Year 13 class about this story - an Italian neurosurgeon who claims he's ready to do the world's first head transplant! Yes - you read that right! 

You would not believe how much discussion it generated in class! 

4 The Force Awakens
Great read that reappraises JJ Abrams' addition to the Star Wars movie universe.

5 Ships Have Sailed

A bit racy this one but it comes from my latest follower on Twitter. I really like the song, Drive - melodic pop is my thing!

Overtime: Star Wars Virgin
Another great article from the Vox people. Scroll down and read the guesses and actualities sections.

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