Friday, June 23, 2017

Senses working overtime #113

1 Annie and Alvy

True confession time - I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, and so I enjoyed this film review of the classic Annie Hall.

2 The Simpsons inserted

Great fun. More here.

3 Rock stars
Gotta love em.

4 21st Century movies - best far
Some movies here I need to see (and some I can recommend).

5 Oh Yoko

Fair's fair - very pleased with the decision to add Yoko credit to John's Imagine. If you have read Grapefruit (Yoko's collection of stuff) you will know this rights an injustice of sorts.

Extra Texture
Arsene Arsene, give us a wave!

Fancy some stats on Arsene's 20 year reign at the greatest club the world has ever seen? Me too. Check it out fellow gooners.

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