Friday, May 26, 2017

Senses working overtime #109

1 Melania's view

Fascinating piece that features analysis of Melania Trump's photos that she posted via her Twitter account. Sad and revealing!

2 Cool movie posters without text

More here.

3 I love maps

I have a Readers' Digest big book of maps that dad used to have. As a kid I'd often gaze and wonder. This site is a pretty cool extension of that idea.

4 RIP Chris Cornell
Dead at 52. What a waste. I have been growing old with Soundgarden and I will miss that voice.

5 The Last Jedi
Trailer is here in case you missed an earlier post and this is a thoughtful piece about what to expect around Christmas this year.


Had he lived, he would turn 100 on May 29. This selection of thoughts from his daughter, Caroline, and her children, is very moving. But it's the photos that accompany the video that got me...and resonate, even today!

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