Friday, March 17, 2017

Senses working overtime #99

1 It's Groundhog Day...again

Wahoo - one of our favourite films of all time has been made into a musical!

2 Thor Part 3

Not sure about this new look Thor with short hair. I'm not a fan of the films but I LOVED the comics when I was growing up.

3 King Kong reboot

Here we go again. Interesting reading - the new version of Kong and the on-going appeal for this beast of a story (laugh it up Fuzzball).

4 Honeybees go 'whoop whoop'

Fascinating stuff! Apparently bees make that sound when they bump into each other. This article explores what they are communicating.

5 Planet Earth 2

In keeping with the animal kingdom theme for a lot of this edition - here's how the genius BBC team filmed that thrilling iguana chase on Snake Island.


MTM - This one is for my dad who loved Mary Tyler Moore! Here she is in five performances that sum up her talent.

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