Friday, January 13, 2017

Senses working overtime #91

1 Best of the year's movies

50 of the best from the whip smart people at The Guardian!

2 A year of discoveries
Whately dude alerted me to this nifty chart - sort of thing my friend Greg Semmens would love.

3 Ted Nugent
I'm a fan of his music - not his big gob, his stance on hunting or his politics. He could be the only big name on the gig list for Trump's tremendous inauguration thing.

4 The wisdom of Yoda
I'm a sucker for this stuff, even if the writer keeps talking about Yoda as 'a little green dude' - still - worth a look!

5 Ten movies photographers should watch

Some great movies in this list.

Overtime - Romance!
I enjoyed this article about how love and romance changes in a long term relationship. The writer has been married for ten years, I've been married to one person for over thirty years - it rang true!

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