Saturday, January 7, 2017

Senses working overtime #90

Okay - I'm currently on holiday and these Jewels are coming to you from Anaheim - the happiest place on earth. So - I haven't actually read many of my feeds and figured out the best of the best to share. Instead I'm gonna cheat and give you five plus images from our holiday in SF, London and LA so far...
Disneyland parade - amazing - made me want to watch
Toy Story again...and buy loads of stuff!

Me and Fanfa watch the parade in our cool new hats!

London and Fopp - my happy place!

IHOP - blueberry pancakes - o.m.g.

Riding the 101 with Samantha and Jacky.

Walking the dog in SF's Chrissy Field.

Overtime: Love those Disney parades!

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