Friday, March 24, 2017

Senses working overtime #100

And then one day you find 100 posts have got behind you. That means over 500 senses working overtime. Pretty cool stat. 

Only one place to go to end the first 100 posts and that's a back to the future style series of items. Each one of these has a backward glance in common. Hey Ho - let's go!

1 100 Years After (back to the future)

I love these glimpses into the future from 100 years ago via a series of postcard images. Clearly, machines and, curiously, sea life features a lot!

2 A modern Walden

This 20 year old guy abandoned his car and walked off into the woods...and lived there...for 27 years! Amazing!

3 Does it hold up?

The Verge takes a backward look at The Social Network and does a good job. I didn't like the film much at the time (a movie about Facebook founders? Meh) but the article made me want to go back and take another look.

4 Macca at Abbey Road 1974
Great version of Band on the Run BEFORE Wings imploded.


5 Budweiser advert hits the spot
Aired during the superbowl - this is a timely reminder of America's origins and the stoopidity of Trump's immigration restrictions.

Broooooooooce! The boss attempts a fan request...and nails it! Hey - he's da boss!

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