Friday, February 10, 2017

Senses working overtime #94

1 Do the Bartman

Nifty list of predictions made on The Simpsons that...gasp...have come true!

2 The Donald vs California
Yikes - fascinating article from the Washington Post on how California and the Trumpet are at war with each other.

3 Histography
WOW!! This site is AMAZING. If you like history, cool infographics, stories (who doesn't huh?) you will LOVE this! Hours of fun!

4 London!

I love London and these photographs are fantastic!

5 Reflect, medicate, take some time

I include this photo to remind myself that these moments are important. I haven't had too many of them lately...

This popped up in my YouTube alert from Abbey Road. Great song, song video and a message for the ages!

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